Absence Assistant

Wanda lets users submit absence requests and report sickness, and include supporting documentation such as a medical certificate as an attachment.

System requirements (Unit4 ERP7 only)

System setup

Assign access rights

Assign access rights for the relevant users as listed in User access checklist.

Absence group mapping

The absence codes available for use through Wanda should be limited and grouped. When the user requests an unspecified new absence, Wanda typically presents the available absence code groups. Absence codes are grouped using a relation between the absence code and an absence group attribute.

Note: Currently, the No amendments when sent to workflow setting on the absence code is not supported.

The available absence code groups are defined in the following ways.

ABsence codes and positions

An absence code, and thereby an absence request, may be associated with a position. This association must be mandatory, as shown in the absence code definition.

If a resource is employed in only one position, Wanda uses that position when it submits an absence request (using, for example, the HOLIDAY absence code above). If a resource is employed in more than one position, Wanda asks the user, just prior to submission, which position to apply in the request. Just as in Unit4 ERP, the user can apply all positions as well, in which case multiple absence transactions are generated.

Use the WANABS (CWA) attribute (preferred method)

  1. Define/confirm an attribute WANABS (CWA) with values that reflect logical groups (of absence codes), e.g, 1-Vacation, 2-Sickness, 3-Planned, 4-Unplanned etc.
  2. Define a relation between Absence code and WANABS (CWA) in (TGL006) Relations on absence codes.
  3. In (TPS034) Absence codes, for each absence code to be made available through Wanda, selelect the relevant WANABS group, for example:

Use PR_ABSENCE_CAT (legacy method - Unit4 ERP7 only)

Absence codes are commonly grouped using a relation to ABSGRP (NS). To limit the number of groups, and thereby the number of codes available in Wanda, groups may be mapped to their respective absence categories in (TAG005) System setup values using PR_ABSENCE_CAT.

Text 2 contains values of the ABSGRP (NS) attribute, which in turn is a relation on Absence code (just as WANABS above). By using this setup, only absence codes with the relational value ILLNESS, VACATION, LEAVEUNP etc. will be available in Wanda. Text 3 contains the legacy absence categories shown above plus PAID_LEAVE, TRAINING. PLANNED and UNPLANNED. Again, Text 2 contains user/customer-defined values for the ABSGRP (NS) attribute, and Text 3 contains dedicated, ERP-defined absence categories.

Use ABSGRP alone

If neither WANABS is used, nor is there any mapping in system setup values, Wanda, if in doubt of the user’s request, will return all groups defined by ABSGRP (NS) and thereby all absence codes related to these groups.

Absence document attachments