Unit4 Wanda ordering and registration


The Unit4 Wanda digital assistant is a Unit4 cloud service and must first be ordered by the customer via Unit4 account management/sales for use with Unit4 ERP. Once ordered, account management/sales will take care of the registration process by submitting the Cloud Order Form. When ordering Wanda, the customer specifies which digital assistant skills are to be made available to end users. Note that a customer can choose to use a subset of the HR assistant skills, for example absence but not payslip and balances.

Registration with Unit4 Identity Services and Discovery Service

To use Wanda the customer Unit4 ERP installation must be assigned an IDS authority an IDS tenant ID and an IDS Scope, and registered with the Unit4 Identity Services and Unit4 Discovery Service. This is done by Unit cloud ops.

Unit4 ERP cloud setup / registration

The cloud setup / registration performed by Unit4 cloud ops involves the following:

Required customer information for on-premise installations

For cloud customers no additional information is required when Wanda is ordered. On-premise customers must provide the following URLs to Unit4 Cloud ops. These URLs must also be accessible on the internet.

Digital Assistant skills

Which digital assistant skills are to be made available for the customer organization is specified. The detailed implementation guides describe the required setup for these skills.