Expenses Assistant

Wanda's Expenses Assistant helps users add trip expenses on-the-fly, both manually and automatically using OCR receipt recognition, to submit expense claims for approval. Travel expense claims for single destination trips may include prefilled data (destination and purpose) if it's based on a travel request.

System requirements

System setup

Assign access rights

Assign access rights for the relevant users as listed in User access checklist.

Expense types

The Access all exp. types check box must be selected for all expense types.

Wanda displays only travel rules with travel type Cost or Single travel. Further, Wanda displays only travel rules that allow access to all expense types.

Expenses system parameter setup

Configure the following system parameters according to the Expenses mobile application reference manual:

Automated receipt recognition setup

Setup summary

For automated receipt recognition you need to set up expense type mapping as follows:

Note: It's not possible to map multiple receipts to one expense type. If you face this problem, the expense type is probably too generic. You can try to replace it with multiple, more focused expense types, and then map a receipt type to each one.

Set up for jpeg image documents

In order to process a receipt/expense document with the .jpeg extension, add the following system setup value: